Award description


  • Product & Delivery Leadership
  • Product Strategy, Business Case
  • Solution Architecture
  • User-research & UX
  • Prototyping
  • High-fidelity visuals
  • Product development
  • Website design and development
  • iOS app design and development


Fake goods — a key issue of modern consumption behaviours. Yearly sales of counterfeits are estimated at $600 billion. Consumers and manufacturers struggle to find the effective solution that will help them buy and sell genuine goods and get the medium to fight counterfeit.

OIN SPACE is a startup applying revolutionary blockchain technology and smart contracts to help eliminate counterfeits, protecting consumers globally from fake, low-quality and hazardous goods


Taking a human-centred approach, we ran through several workshops to get insights regarding the pain points and motivations of the current user experience.

The interviews showed us that the target audience is ready to check the authenticity of the goods if they have a simple tool for that. The rewards and bonuses are also solid motivating factors.

We built a product around the check-result-reward engine to leverage gamification, and it opened a great potential for marketing mechanisms in future product development. Additionally, the rewarding schema allowed us to collect consumers and behavioural data quickly.

The app connects manufacturers to customers so that they can see the real-time data about authenticity checks on the world map by tracking the supply chain and locating the areas with counterfeit cases.

OIN Space has teamed up with the third-party charity platform to help put social purpose at the heart of its proposition. We integrated the service in the app to allow consumers to check goods authenticity while supporting fundraising for charitable causes.

Additionally, we designed and launched a website describing the product and supporting the future fundraising campaign.

The live version can be found at


OIN Space app provided consumers and manufacturers a simple, intuitive and credible tool to eliminate counterfeits, protecting globally from fake, low-quality and hazardous goods. Manufacturers got the tool to track the supply chain and take actions against smuggling.

The project had been launched in closed beta and later sold to the governmental operator.

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