What We Do

Companies strive for flexibility to better adapt to the market. The best way to achieve this is to learn faster than your competitors.

Together, we materialize organizational design and processes for speed, fast learning, adapted to change, and people love to work.


Every company is different and faces a unique path towards achieving value. We tailor processes, tools, and practices to suit your situation.


Together we create a map of your change. We define products, prepare a new organizational structure and find volunteers.


We help set up processes, product and engineering practices with tools that best fit your needs while forming a new organization.


We create a community of volunteers. We are building the foundation for the successive changes.

Without out-of-the box solutions

We always work on what is important to you

Only when needed

We do not impose bundles and 5-years term commitments

Keeps it candid

Always remember to act like humans. Ask questions, speak up, show up, and frankly, be frank

Takes an hour

To discuss what is needed

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The team

Nik's photo

Nik ILyushkin

Co-founder / Product Coach
Kristina's photo

Kristina ILyushkina

UI/UX designer
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